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Machine Learning at the edge

Few learnings on migrating computer vision pipeline from python prototype at AWS to cpp in smartphones One of the projects that we have been working was Smart Mirror – we want to build a technology that will hint user how to looks better at the photo. It has bunch of fascinating tasks to tackles – …

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Machine Learning – links

Machine learning intro: http://habrahabr.ru/company/yandex/blog/208034/ – comprehensive lection from Yandex (in russian) http://ciml.info/ – A Course in Machine Learning by Hal Daumé III http://alex.smola.org/teaching/cmu2013-10-701/index.html – Intro to Machine Learning ’13, by Carnegie Mellon University http://alex.smola.org/teaching/berkeley2012/ – Scalable Machine Learning ’12, Berkley http://openclassroom.stanford.edu/MainFolder/CoursePage.php?course=MachineLearning – Machine Learning from Andrew Ng http://ufldl.stanford.edu/wiki/index.php/UFLDL_Tutorial – brief overview of advanced concepts solution …

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