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Distributed systems – key concepts

Databases – how they work under the hood? Key takeaways from brilliant book “Designing data intensive application” – to quickly recap core concepts. DB engines classifications Type of load: OLTP (transaction processing) vs OLAP (data warehousing and analytics) Relational vs NoSQL, document vs columnar, graph vs triple-store (semantic facts storage) Even within NoSQL camp  you can …

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Chronicles of one crypto-arbitrage bot

TLDR; Crypto-arbitrage bot code is released here – https://github.com/kruglov-dmitry/crypto_crawler. I can’t develop in c++ fast enough, not yet within golang sect, so have to use python. It was painfully educative fun. Chronicles of one crypto-arbitrage bot Some time ago friend of mine, innocent in terms of exposure to bloody details of executing mid-term IT projects, …

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