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Practical performance tuning as never ending journey to widen knowledge

Golden age of programmers who were able to fit in tiny RAM of first gaming consoles the whole universes of legendary games had passed few decades ago. Now your favourite browser can easily swallow gigabytes of memory in order to render single web-page with myriads of annoying ads that ad-blockers trying to defeat. Relative abundance of …

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Distributed systems – key concepts

Databases – how they work under the hood? Key takeaways from brilliant book “Designing data intensive application” – to quickly recap core concepts. DB engines classifications Type of load: OLTP (transaction processing) vs OLAP (data warehousing and analytics) Relational vs NoSQL, document vs columnar, graph vs triple-store (semantic facts storage) Even within NoSQL camp  you can …

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Chronicles of one crypto-arbitrage bot

TLDR; Crypto-arbitrage bot code is released here – https://github.com/kruglov-dmitry/crypto_crawler. I can’t develop in c++ fast enough, not yet within golang sect, so have to use python. It was painfully educative fun. Chronicles of one crypto-arbitrage bot Some time ago friend of mine, innocent in terms of exposure to bloody details of executing mid-term IT projects, …

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