Machine Learning – links

Machine learning intro: – comprehensive lection from Yandex (in russian) – A Course in Machine Learning by Hal Daumé III – Intro to Machine Learning ’13, by Carnegie Mellon University – Scalable Machine Learning ’12, Berkley – Machine Learning from Andrew Ng – brief overview of advanced concepts
solution for above cources – – Machine Learning from Stanford – practical recommendation to apply methods of ML – language, libraries, frameworks

Deep Learning: – great intro to world of deep learning – another intro – toolset overview from NVidia – cource from NVidia – Javascript library for training Deep Learning models within browser – overview of toolset/libraries – yet another links collection

Few video about deep learning: – RE.WORK Deep Learning Summit – Deep learning from Oxford

Udacity cources:!/c-ud617/ – Intro to hadoop and reduce – Intro to data science!/c-ud675/ – Machine learning supervised learning!/c-ud741/ – Machine learning – unsupervised learning!/c-ud820/ – Reinforcement learning

Artificial Neural Networks: – Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

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